Core Team

The Core Team is a group of Christians God has called to be a part of planting Trinity Church Greenville. These are people deeply invested in the growing, maturing, and discipleship work of the church for the long haul. This group will meet as a House Church starting in Summer of 2019 to worship God, study His Word, and grow as a community of faith. The Core Team is absolutely essential to the church planting work God is doing in and through Trinity Church Greenville.

Launch Team

The Launch Team is a group of servant-oriented, missionally-minded people who God calls to help Trinity Church Greenville get up and running. This group is committed to serving in various ways from our public launch and beyond. They are our Sunday school teachers, welcome team members, set-up and tear-down crew and so much more!

Ministry Partners

Ministry partnership is essential for Trinity Church Greenville to be established, launch, and grow. Our ministry partners live all around the world and partner in what God is doing in Greenville through prayer and financial support.