Regathering Plan

Friends, we are eager to gather together as a church to worship the Lord together! It has been a long season of doing church at a distance, and we can’t wait to see you again in person. Even as we look forward to our first worship service together again on June 21, we want to let you know of the extra safety measures we are taking to ensure we exercise wisdom for the sake of the Body and the community at large.

Note about Sunday Worship:

• We are not having Trinity Tots or Trinity Kids at this point. We will have activity clipboards for kids.
• As you are comfortable, bring your children to worship. Encourage them to participate in worship.
• If you or your child has fever, runny nose, other symptoms, please consider others
and watch the live-stream from home.
• The service will be live-streamed for those who are high-risk or who are not yet comfortable meeting in public.

Other Safety Precautions:

• Hand-sanitizer will be available & you are encouraged to wear a mask at your discretion. Masks are provided.
• Alternate row seating in service, 6’ between family units.

• We will clean all hard surfaces before and after services, including restrooms.

Along with the elders at Grace (our sending church), we think this provides for the whole body, and our wide range of outlooks. As I have said before, there’s no clear “right” or “wrong” here; it’s a matter conviction, conscience and care. We sympathize with those who are ready to open up, and with those who still want to self-isolate. We feel the above plan & precautions provide for everyone as best we can.

And we look forward to taking the next step of following Christ in a new way!